Professional Swimming Pool Heat Pumps and Swimming Pool Supplies

We are offering high quality swimming pool equipments like swimming pool heat pumps, swimming pool sand filters, and swimming pool supplies such as pool cleaner, bushes, thermometer, ladders etc, and we also manufacture solar pool heating system including solar heated shower system with stainless steel shower head and head holder, or aluminum and PVC composite solar heating pool shower for outdoor and indoor use. More

    1. Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump
    2. Swimming Pool Air Source Heat PumpOur swimming pool air source heat pump is provided with high quality, competitive price and various types, and has been certified by CE and ROHS. It features with high and low pressure sensors and titanium heat exchanger.
    1. Swimming Pool Water Pumps
    2. Swimming Pool Water PumpsOur swimming pool pump is used for above-ground and in-ground pools. It is designed and produced in compliance with CE, CE, GS, ETL and CSA standards.
    1. Swimming Pool Filters
    2. Swimming Pool FiltersWe provide a series of pool filters with high performance and good corrosion resistant property. They are superb in filtration and easy for maintenance and operation
    1. Pool Filtration System
    2. Pool Filtration SystemThe pool filter and pump combination is designed with large power and high efficiency. It is an ideal balance between lowered energy consumption and splendid water clarity.
    1. Solar Powered Products
    2. Solar Powered ProductsThe solar pool equipment is designed with the purpose of transforming the natural solar energy into the heat energy used as the heat source of water in pools or for shower
    1. Automatic Pool Cleaners
    2. Automatic Pool CleanersWe provide the automatic pool cleaner in various popular series, including the flapper or hammer series, diaphragm series and so on. You are entitled to choose your favorite models