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    1. Economical SeriesThis kind of swimming pool heat pump is more economical without refrigeration or automatic defrosting function. It is usable under temperature of over 7°C. It is with Titanium heat exchanger and water flow switch.
    1. All Season SeriesAll season series air source heat pump is designed with both heating and cooling functions. We can provide swimming pool heat pumps in different models and power consumption.
    1. European Style SeriesThis air source swimming pool heat pump comes with a housing made from ABS engineering plastics. It is 100% rustproof and designed for European market. Heating capacity is available of 5KW to 14KW.
    1. Professional SeriesProfessional series swimming pool heat pump is primarily applied to large commercial swimming pools. As a large proportion of its energy sources come from air, this kind of air source heat pump helps users save nearly 80% of usage costs.
    1. Stainless Steel Case SeriesThis pool heat pump is very solid and sturdy as configured with a housing made from 304 stainless steel. Heating capacity of our air source heat pump can be from 5.4KW to 10.5KW.
    1. Swimming Pool Heat Pump PartsSwimming pool bypass kit is comprised of 3 ball valves, 2 T type connectors and 4 adaptors. Adaptor is made from ABS material and the rest components are fabricated by PVC materials.

Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump

Our swimming pool air source heat pump at the hands of our skilled workers is incorporated by dependable components and has passed rigorous quality inspection for each production procedure. These swimming pool heat pumps are provided with high quality, competitive price and various types to satisfy your specific requirements, and has certified by CE and ROHS.

Pool Heat Pump Features
1. High and Low Pressure Sensors

As one of significant protection mechanisms for pool heat pump, the sensors are used to detect the refrigerant pressure inside the machine, and when the pressure is too high or too low, they will automatically halt the operation of the pump to protect the compressor from damage.

2. Self-Diagnosis Function
Our air source pool heat pump is designed with pre-programmed self-diagnosis function. Collaborating with different protection sensors, it can automatically detect errors via microcomputer chip and display corresponding error codes on the control panel. Hence, the root cause of errors can be easily judged out by the end user who will later correct the procedure to bring the machine to normal state.

3. Titanium Heat Exchanger
The swimming pool heat exchanger is stably and sturdily designed to resist the water pressure from water pump. As made with titanium surface, it is resistant against chlorine and salt chlorine, and thereby it has a long service life.

4. Water Flow Switch
The water flow switch is also a kind of protection mechanism, which will switch off the swimming pool heat pumps when there is no water or the water flow is too small in the pool pump, and then display the error message on the control panel.

5. Digital LCD Control Panel
This digital LCD control panel is a good assistant, facilitating you to correctly and conveniently monitor and control pool heat pump.

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