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    1. PF SeriesPF series above ground pool pump is specially designed for household, small-sized pool, above ground swimming pools, and conforms to CE and SAA standards.
    1. PF Plus SeriesPF plus swimming pool pump has more evident filtration effect as it is configured with a pre-filter. It is designed and manufactured in compliance with CE and SAA standards.
    1. PF Pro SeriesPF pro series above ground pool pump is with high power motor, it has excellent working performance and high efficiency. The specially designed PVC fittings are suitable for both British and American standards.
    1. PF-C SeriesPF-C above ground swimming pool pump is specially designed for Canadian customers. It comes with high flow rate, making for more rapid and efficient systematic circulation.
    1. PFT SeriesPFT series above ground pool pump is equipped with a built-in self-timer, so you can set the day cleaning time, and no longer need to worry about additional costs in the case that you forgot to turn off the pump. The pool pump is suitable for small above-ground pools.
    1. SF-C SeriesSF-C series swimming pool pump is a self-priming water pump. It adopts a heavy-duty energy efficient motor and behaves with outstanding performance. It also comes with a waterproof switch at forepart of the pump.

Above Ground Pool Pump

We provide above ground pool pump with various types and specifications to meet demands of different customers. Its competitive advantages include reliable quality and stable performance. All swimming pool pump components are made from superior raw materials to well ensure product quality.

1. Materials used to fabricate pump components are corrosion resistant, thus this product has splendid durability and extra long service life.
2. Pool pump impeller is made of high-intensity engineering plastics for extra durability.
3. Asynchronous motor of pool pump is with two poles and dip coated stator are applied for long life span.
4. Made from special materials, pump mechanical seals are pretty durable and can effectively insulate the noise.
5. Motor of above ground swimming pool pump is configured with thermal protection mechnism to avoid overheating and ensure operating safety.
6. Its waterproof grade reaches IPX5 and whole product is 100% drip proof.
7. Its insulation grade is F (155°C).
8. Due to the drain plug, pump winterization and maintenance turn to be quite easier.
9. Pump transparent strainer lid is adopted for easy maintenance.

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