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    1. SF SeriesIts suction lift reaches up to 6 feet or 1.8 meters above water level. Our SF Series in ground swimming pool pump produces very small noise with reliable working state. The adopted motor is heavy-duty and consumes less energy.
    1. SF Pro SeriesWith large flow and efficient operation, SF Pro Series in ground pool pump can rapidly complete circulation of water. Designed with self-priming mechanism, it has a suction lift up to 8 feet or 2.4 meters above water level.

In Ground Pool Pump

Our in ground pool pump is made from superior raw materials, which lays a solid foundation for stable performance. It can work with high-efficiency motor, and due to the rational interior design, it has high working efficiency.

1. All swimming pool pump components are made from corrosion-resisting materials for super durability.
2. Pump impeller is very sturdy and durable for it is made of high-intensity engineering plastics.
3. We adopt asynchronous motor with two poles and dip coated stator for a long service life.
4. Fabricated by special materials, pool pump mechanical seals are used to enhance product durability and reduce the noise.
5. We apply thermal protection mechanism to motor of in ground swimming pool pump to avoid overheating and guarantee the operation safety.
6. Waterproof grade of pool water pump is IPX5 and the product is 100% drip proof.
7. Insulation grade is F (155°C).
8. Drain plug is adopted for convenient winterization and maintenance.
9. Configured pre-filter and transparent strainer lid is used for easier maintenance.

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