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    1. Top Mount Sand Pool FilterThe body of top mount sand filter is made of HDPE plastic material for extra durability and long service life.
      The tested factory set pressure is 350 kPa.
      The top diffuser well guarantees uniform water distribution on the sand bed.
      The nominal size of the internal piping is 1.5 inches (50mm diameter) to ensure smooth and free flowing performance.
    1. Side Mount Sand Pool Filter The top diffuser ensures uniform water distribution over the sand bed, and the 1.5" internal piping with a diameter of 50mm well guarantees smooth and free water flow.
      Its transparent lid allows for easy inspection and operation.
      The air relief bolt is used to easily release the trapped air during filtration.

Sand Pool Filter

Our sand pool filter is an easy-to-use product famous for large flow capability and outstanding working performance. It contains a seven-position dial valve with a flange clamp attachment so that dismantlement and replacement are very easy. Easy-access drain plug provides much convenience for winterization and maintenance. Besides, the top internal diffuser of the sand pool filter well ensures the uniform distribution of water on the sand bed.

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