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    1. AC SeriesCartridge pool filter top cover is designed with reliable locking system for ensuring the safety.
      There are a pressure gauge and an air release valve on the top cover for easy operation.
      Main body of swimming pool filter is made from the ABS engineering plastics, which is reliable and durable.
    1. LC SeriesSecure locking system for the top cover of the cartridge filter.
      Pressure gauge and air release fitting at filter top for ease of use.
      Filter constructed of engineering grade ABS material for strength and reliability.

Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter

The swimming pool cartridge filter boasts many advantages in comparison with the sand filtrator. It can filtrate tinier sundries, occupies less space and has lower requirements for the energy and water flow. Besides, backwash is not needed and customers can seasonally clean the cartridge element for twice or three times. Hence, the water consumption is largely decreased.

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