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    1. Sand Pool FilterThe sand filter is an easy-to-use product famous for large flow capability and outstanding working performance. It contains a seven-position dial valve with a flange clamp attachment so that dismantlement and replacement are very easy. The easy-access drain plug provides much convenience for winterization and maintenance. Besides, the top internal diffuser of the sand filter well ensures the uniform distribution of water on the sand bed.
    1. Swimming Pool Cartridge FilterThe cartridge filter boasts many advantages in comparison with the sand filtrator. It can filtrate tinier sundries, occupies less space and has lower requirements for the energy and water flow. Besides, backwash is not needed and customers can seasonally clean the cartridge element for twice or three times. Hence, the water consumption is largely decreased.

Swimming Pool Filters

We provide a series of pool filters with high performance and good corrosion resistant property. They are superb in filtration and easy for maintenance and operation, specially designed for pool owners and setting up new standards of performance, value, reliability and usage convenience for this industry.

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