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    1. ACS Series BC2110: BC3110 (25ft2) with 0.75HP (BC2527)
      BC2111 : BC3111 (36ft2) with 0.75HP (BC2527)
      BC2112: BC3112 (50ft2) with 0.75HP (BC2527)
      BC2113: BC3113 (70ft2) with 1.0HP (BC2528)

Pool Cartridge Filter System

The swimming pool cartridge filtration system is fabricated by sturdy and durable thermoplastic materials. It comes with remarkable merits as follows:

1. Accurate and ultra-large cartridge filtrator element made from non-woven fabrics allows for high clarity of water, long filtration cycle and maximal water flow.
2. Top cover is equipped with a pressure gauge and an air release valve for removing the trapped air, and also specially designed with reliable locking system for preventing deadlock.
3. Cartridge filtration system is comprised of the excellent pump and the cartridge filtrator, providing optimal performance and high energy efficiency.
4. Filtrator base is made from PP materials for a long life span.

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