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    1. Pool Sand Filter SystemThe sand filter and pump combination coming with outstanding performance makes the water glistening in your swimming pool. It perfectly combines the sand filtrator and the pump for optimized performance and high energy efficiency. The filtrator base is fabricated from PP materials for long service life and the seven-position or four-position valve is available for operating convenience.
    1. Pool Cartridge Filter SystemThe accurate and ultra-large cartridge filtrator element made from non-woven fabrics allows for high clarity of water, long filtration cycle and maximal water flow.
      The top cover is equipped with a pressure gauge and an air release valve for removing the trapped air, and also specially designed with reliable locking system for preventing deadlock.

Pool Filtration System

The pool filtration system is designed with large power and high efficiency. It is an ideal balance between lowered energy consumption and splendid water clarity. Both the filtrator and pump realize performance matching to achieve optimal working effect. All filter components are within precise tolerance range for accurate alignment and rapid assembly.

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