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    1. PVC Solar Pool ShowerThe PVC solar shower, designed for outdoor use, is a product heating the water by utilizing the solar energy and the ambient hot air and saving 100% energy cost. It has large storage capacity and adopts the valve for the adjustment of water temperature. If you wan to personally experience its fabulous performance, please don't hesitate to give it a try.
    1. Aluminum Outdoor Solar ShowerThe large spray head offers more comfortable bathing experience.
      Both the BW9541 and the BW9542 products come with foot washing function for your convenience.
      The BW9542 product is configured with two extra spray heads located centrally for fabulous bathing comfort.
    1. Two-Section Solar Pool ShowerThe two-section solar shower is specially designed for the purpose of shelf space reduction and easy storage. It is available with a large spray head and water temperature adjustment, providing you smashing bathing comfort and convenience. You can feel assured for its durability as it is constructed of eco-friendly solid engineering plastics.
    1. Solar Powered Heating Panel It utilizes the solar energy for heating, saving 100% energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emission.
      The whole product is made from high strength LDPE materials, durable and reliable.
      It is environmentally friendly and possesses high energy efficiency.
    1. Solar Pool HeaterThe solar pod is specially designed for small-sized swimming pools. Compared with the solar panel, it saves more space, and has been an ideal choice for customers owning small household swimming pools.
      Although it is small in size, it is extremely powerful in working performance, and suitable for above-ground pools of any sizes. Besides, it can be easily installed, free from electric or gas connection.

Solar Powered Products

The solar powered products are designed with the purpose of transforming natural solar energy into heat energy used as heat source of water in swimming pools or for shower. You can indulge in the fun of water splashing by using solar powered product which meanwhile saves energy costs and protects the environment.

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