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    1. Flapper Disc Suction Pool CleanerThe flapper series pool suction cleaner possesses the desirable randomness for automatic cleaning, leaving tidiness and purity to the swimming pool.
      The sucking disc is made from TPU materials, featuring wear and water resistance as well as a long service life.
      Due to the excellent flexibility, the sucking disc can well joint the pool wall, and thereby the pool cleaning is more efficient and easier.
    1. Diaphragm Suction Pool CleanerThe diaphragm series pool suction cleaner is featured by easy operation and high working efficiency.
      It works automatically and quietly in a random way.
      Made from the TPU material, the sucking disc can perfectly joint the pool wall, conductive to more efficient cleaning.
      The assembly is very simple.
    1. Swimming Pool Cleaning Tools The other pool suction cleaner characterized by strong suction can easily clean the accumulated debris.
      The operation and maintenance are extremely easy and convenient.
      The pole is adjustable in length from 135cm to 190cm (4.43ft to 6.23ft), making this product suitable for on-site cleaning and applicable for pools and spas in all sizes and shapes.
      The other pool suction cleaner is battery operated.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

We provide the automatic pool cleaner in various popular series, including flapper or hammer series and diaphragm series for cleaning swimming pools. You are entitled to choose your favorite models and colors according to your actual needs. In addition, the automatic swimming pool cleaner features easy assembly without needing tools, ready for cleaning your pool in an instant.

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