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    1. Dark Blue Pool PartsBD0101: 10″ (25cm) plastic wall brush
      BD01102: 18″ (45cm) plastic wall brush
      BD0201: Leaf rake
      BD0202: Leaf skimmer
    1. Swimming Pool BrushesBD0101: 10" (25cm) plastic wall brush
      BD01102: 18" (45cm) plastic wall brush
      BD0123: 5" (12.5cm) pool brush with 5" aluminum back and stainless steel bristles
      BD0124: 10" (25cm) pool brush with 5" aluminum back and stainless steel bristles
    1. Pool Leaf SkimmersBD0201: Leaf rake
      BD0202: Leaf skimmer
      BD0206: The leaf skimmer with 5-section pole reduces the shelf space and saves on the shipping cost.
      BD0220: Two-piece leaf rake
    1. Vacuum Cleaner HeadsBD0401: Triangular vacuum head
      BD0402: Flexible vacuum head
      BD0403: Flexible vacuum head with side brushes
      BD0406: 19" (48cm) vacuum head for concrete pools with urethane wheels
    1. Pool ThermometersBD0331: Thermometer in cruise ship style
      BD0332: Thermometer in whale style
      BD0333: Thermometer in turtle style
      BD0334: Thermometer in frog style
    1. Chlorine DispensersBD0701: Floating dispenser
      BD0726: Floating chlorine dispenser (7" diameter)
      BD0727: Floating reinforced polymer chlorine dispenser with twist lock, cap and adjustable ring (9" diameter)
      BD0728: Collapsible chlorine dispenser designed to save both shelf space and shipping expenses (9" diameter)
    1. Aluminum Telescopic Pool PolesTelescopic post (smooth)
      Telescopic post (smooth inner or ridged outer) Metal Inner Lock
      Telescopic post (ridged), metal inner lock
      Telescopic post (smooth), metal inner lock
    1. Pool Maintenance KitsBD0855: This pool maintenance kit includes 5 items, i.e. BD0136, BD0929, BD0382, BD0423 and BD0266.
      BD0856: This product includes 5 items, i.e. BD0423, BD0125, BD0226, BD0929 and BD0349.
      BD0857: 6 items: BD0136, BD0929, BD0381, BD0448, BD7079, BD0243
      BD0858: 5 items: BD0136, BD0423, BD0226, BD0903, BD0336
    1. Plastic HosesBD2201: White PVC suction hose, 100' ×1.5"
      BD2202: Transparent PVC suction hose 100' ×1.5"
      BD2206: Blow molded hose made of LDPE in a length of 1.5" (38mm)
      BD2207: Extruded hose made of EVA with a swiveling end and a fixed end (1.5"/38mm)
    1. Other Pool Spare PartsBD2104-25: 2" backwash hose of 25' (7.6m)
      BD2104-50: 2" backwash hose of 50' (15.2m)
      BD2104-100: 2" backwash hose of 100' (30.5m)
      BD2104-200: 2" backwash hose of 200' (61m)

Pool Accessories

We provide various kinds of pool accessories, including pool brushes, leaf skimmers, vacuum cleaner heads, pool thermometers, chlorine dispensers and so on so forth. You are always welcome scanning our website to look for what you need, and you will be satisfied by our products from soup to nuts.

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