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Pool Fountain and Floating Pool Chair

Our floating pool chair comes with HDPE arms and inbuilt beverage holders on each arm. It is stably and solidly framed by aluminum materials and provided with soft mesh seat.

Model Description Weight kg (KS) Carton Dimension (cm)
BE8702000 Floating type pool chair with white arm (HDPE) 5.8 (12.8) 58 × 26.5 × 106
BE8702001 Floating type pool lounge with blue arm (HDPE) 5.8 (12.8) 58 × 26.5 × 106

BC0750-3 LED Fountain for Swimming Pool
This is a LED fountain and it possesses the following splendid features:
1. It works without electricity or batteries. Power is generated via water flow once this product is connected to return fittings.
2. It is provided with all necessary components and can be easily assembled in minutes.
3. It is suitable for both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools and installed with return fittings (1.5″).
4. Our LED fountain will provide you a fabulous light show and present you an amazing display of colors, perfectly decorating your pool environment.
5. Water flow for power generating is either from a garden hose or directly from the return fittings.

Model Working pressure Bar (PSL) Pipe Size Weight kg (lbs) Carton Dimension (inch)
BC0750 >0.5 (7.2) 1.5" 0.96 (2.1) 12.4 × 5.3 × 5.3

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