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    1. Swimming Pool Ladders BC1516: Concrete pool, 7.3, 39 × 9 × 160
      BC1517: Concrete pool , 7.7, 72 × 9 × 160
      BC1518: Concrete pool, 7.5 , 55 × 9 × 160
      BC1536: Wooden pool , 7.3, 39 × 9 × 160
    1. Swimming Pool Lights BC0723: 12V/AC , 300W Halogen, Concrete Pool , 2.6 (5.7)
      BC0724: 12V/AC, 300W Halogen, Vinyl liner pool, 2.8 (6.2)
      BC0725: 12V/AC, 12W LED (252), white light, Concrete Pool ,2.6 (5.7)
    1. Pool Disinfection and Test KitIt uses the chlorine tablet with a diameter of 3".
      The dial control valve is provided, thus the feed rate can be easily controlled and adjusted.
      It comes with threaded cover design for easy opening and the replenishment of chlorine tablets.
      It is a product for do-it-yourselfers by virtue of easy installation.
    1. Swimming Pool Cover Rollers and ReelsThe pool solar roller can be easily installed.
      It is portable for easy operation and storage.
      The whole construction is very sturdy and durable.
      It has a long service life.
      It comes with the aluminum tube.
    1. Pool ValvesThe BD5216 pool valve is designed in ball shape and with 1.5" male and female thread.
      BD5219: 2-way, ABS material, 1.5" male thread × 1.5" barbed
      BD5220: ABS material, 2-way, 1.5" male thread × 1.5" female thread
      BD5221: ABS material, 2-way, 1.5" barbed × 1.5" barbed
    1. Pool Fountain and Floating Pool Chair The pool chair comes with HDPE arms and inbuilt beverage holders on each arm. It is stably and solidly framed by aluminum materials and provided with soft mesh seat.
      It works without electricity or batteries. The power is generated via the water flow once this product is connected to return fittings.
      It is provided with all necessary components and can be easily assembled in minutes.

General Pool Supplies

We provide various kinds of general pool supplies. If you want to improve your swimming pool conditions outside and inside, our swimming pool ladders, pool lights, pool valves and the other apparatuses would be your ideal choices, and they will perfectly better your swimming pool environment.

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