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    1. Economical SeriesThis kind of swimming pool heat pump is more economical without refrigeration or automatic defrosting function. It is usable under temperature of over 7°C. It is with Titanium heat exchanger and water flow switch.
    1. All Season SeriesAll season series air source heat pump is designed with both heating and cooling functions. We can provide swimming pool heat pumps in different models and power consumption.
    1. European Style SeriesThis air source swimming pool heat pump comes with a housing made from ABS engineering plastics. It is 100% rustproof and designed for European market. Heating capacity is available of 5KW to 14KW.
    1. Professional SeriesProfessional series swimming pool heat pump is primarily applied to large commercial swimming pools. As a large proportion of its energy sources come from air, this kind of air source heat pump helps users save nearly 80% of usage costs.
    1. Stainless Steel Case SeriesThis pool heat pump is very solid and sturdy as configured with a housing made from 304 stainless steel. Heating capacity of our air source heat pump can be from 5.4KW to 10.5KW.
    1. Swimming Pool Heat Pump PartsSwimming pool bypass kit is comprised of 3 ball valves, 2 T type connectors and 4 adaptors. Adaptor is made from ABS material and the rest components are fabricated by PVC materials.
    1. Above Ground Pool PumpWe provide above ground swimming pool pump with various types and specifications to meet demands of different customers. It is with reliable quality and stable performance. All the components are made from superior raw materials.
    1. In Ground Pool PumpOur in ground swimming pool pump is made from superior raw materials, which lays a solid foundation for stable performance. It can work with high-efficiency motor, it has high working efficiency.
    1. Sand Pool FilterThe sand filter is an easy-to-use product famous for large flow capability and outstanding working performance. It contains a seven-position dial valve with a flange clamp attachment so that dismantlement and replacement are very easy. The easy-access drain plug provides much convenience for winterization and maintenance. Besides, the top internal diffuser of the sand filter well ensures the uniform distribution of water on the sand bed.
    1. Swimming Pool Cartridge FilterThe cartridge filter boasts many advantages in comparison with the sand filtrator. It can filtrate tinier sundries, occupies less space and has lower requirements for the energy and water flow. Besides, backwash is not needed and customers can seasonally clean the cartridge element for twice or three times. Hence, the water consumption is largely decreased.
    1. Pool Sand Filter SystemThe sand filter and pump combination coming with outstanding performance makes the water glistening in your swimming pool. It perfectly combines the sand filtrator and the pump for optimized performance and high energy efficiency. The filtrator base is fabricated from PP materials for long service life and the seven-position or four-position valve is available for operating convenience.
    1. Pool Cartridge Filter SystemThe accurate and ultra-large cartridge filtrator element made from non-woven fabrics allows for high clarity of water, long filtration cycle and maximal water flow.
      The top cover is equipped with a pressure gauge and an air release valve for removing the trapped air, and also specially designed with reliable locking system for preventing deadlock.
    1. PVC Solar Pool ShowerThe PVC solar shower, designed for outdoor use, is a product heating the water by utilizing the solar energy and the ambient hot air and saving 100% energy cost. It has large storage capacity and adopts the valve for the adjustment of water temperature. If you wan to personally experience its fabulous performance, please don't hesitate to give it a try.
    1. Aluminum Outdoor Solar ShowerThe large spray head offers more comfortable bathing experience.
      Both the BW9541 and the BW9542 products come with foot washing function for your convenience.
      The BW9542 product is configured with two extra spray heads located centrally for fabulous bathing comfort.
    1. Two-Section Solar Pool ShowerThe two-section solar shower is specially designed for the purpose of shelf space reduction and easy storage. It is available with a large spray head and water temperature adjustment, providing you smashing bathing comfort and convenience. You can feel assured for its durability as it is constructed of eco-friendly solid engineering plastics.
    1. Solar Powered Heating Panel It utilizes the solar energy for heating, saving 100% energy costs and reducing greenhouse gas emission.
      The whole product is made from high strength LDPE materials, durable and reliable.
      It is environmentally friendly and possesses high energy efficiency.
    1. Solar Pool HeaterThe solar pod is specially designed for small-sized swimming pools. Compared with the solar panel, it saves more space, and has been an ideal choice for customers owning small household swimming pools.
      Although it is small in size, it is extremely powerful in working performance, and suitable for above-ground pools of any sizes. Besides, it can be easily installed, free from electric or gas connection.
    1. Flapper Disc Suction Pool CleanerThe flapper series pool suction cleaner possesses the desirable randomness for automatic cleaning, leaving tidiness and purity to the swimming pool.
      The sucking disc is made from TPU materials, featuring wear and water resistance as well as a long service life.
      Due to the excellent flexibility, the sucking disc can well joint the pool wall, and thereby the pool cleaning is more efficient and easier.
    1. Diaphragm Suction Pool CleanerThe diaphragm series pool suction cleaner is featured by easy operation and high working efficiency.
      It works automatically and quietly in a random way.
      Made from the TPU material, the sucking disc can perfectly joint the pool wall, conductive to more efficient cleaning.
      The assembly is very simple.
    1. Swimming Pool Cleaning Tools The other pool suction cleaner characterized by strong suction can easily clean the accumulated debris.
      The operation and maintenance are extremely easy and convenient.
      The pole is adjustable in length from 135cm to 190cm (4.43ft to 6.23ft), making this product suitable for on-site cleaning and applicable for pools and spas in all sizes and shapes.
      The other pool suction cleaner is battery operated.
    1. Dark Blue Pool PartsBD0101: 10″ (25cm) plastic wall brush
      BD01102: 18″ (45cm) plastic wall brush
      BD0201: Leaf rake
      BD0202: Leaf skimmer
    1. Swimming Pool BrushesBD0101: 10" (25cm) plastic wall brush
      BD01102: 18" (45cm) plastic wall brush
      BD0123: 5" (12.5cm) pool brush with 5" aluminum back and stainless steel bristles
      BD0124: 10" (25cm) pool brush with 5" aluminum back and stainless steel bristles
    1. Pool Leaf SkimmersBD0201: Leaf rake
      BD0202: Leaf skimmer
      BD0206: The leaf skimmer with 5-section pole reduces the shelf space and saves on the shipping cost.
      BD0220: Two-piece leaf rake
    1. Vacuum Cleaner HeadsBD0401: Triangular vacuum head
      BD0402: Flexible vacuum head
      BD0403: Flexible vacuum head with side brushes
      BD0406: 19" (48cm) vacuum head for concrete pools with urethane wheels
    1. Pool ThermometersBD0331: Thermometer in cruise ship style
      BD0332: Thermometer in whale style
      BD0333: Thermometer in turtle style
      BD0334: Thermometer in frog style
    1. Chlorine DispensersBD0701: Floating dispenser
      BD0726: Floating chlorine dispenser (7" diameter)
      BD0727: Floating reinforced polymer chlorine dispenser with twist lock, cap and adjustable ring (9" diameter)
      BD0728: Collapsible chlorine dispenser designed to save both shelf space and shipping expenses (9" diameter)
    1. Aluminum Telescopic Pool PolesTelescopic post (smooth)
      Telescopic post (smooth inner or ridged outer) Metal Inner Lock
      Telescopic post (ridged), metal inner lock
      Telescopic post (smooth), metal inner lock
    1. Pool Maintenance KitsBD0855: This pool maintenance kit includes 5 items, i.e. BD0136, BD0929, BD0382, BD0423 and BD0266.
      BD0856: This product includes 5 items, i.e. BD0423, BD0125, BD0226, BD0929 and BD0349.
      BD0857: 6 items: BD0136, BD0929, BD0381, BD0448, BD7079, BD0243
      BD0858: 5 items: BD0136, BD0423, BD0226, BD0903, BD0336
    1. Plastic HosesBD2201: White PVC suction hose, 100' ×1.5"
      BD2202: Transparent PVC suction hose 100' ×1.5"
      BD2206: Blow molded hose made of LDPE in a length of 1.5" (38mm)
      BD2207: Extruded hose made of EVA with a swiveling end and a fixed end (1.5"/38mm)
    1. Other Pool Spare PartsBD2104-25: 2" backwash hose of 25' (7.6m)
      BD2104-50: 2" backwash hose of 50' (15.2m)
      BD2104-100: 2" backwash hose of 100' (30.5m)
      BD2104-200: 2" backwash hose of 200' (61m)
    1. Swimming Pool Ladders BC1516: Concrete pool, 7.3, 39 × 9 × 160
      BC1517: Concrete pool , 7.7, 72 × 9 × 160
      BC1518: Concrete pool, 7.5 , 55 × 9 × 160
      BC1536: Wooden pool , 7.3, 39 × 9 × 160
    1. Swimming Pool Lights BC0723: 12V/AC , 300W Halogen, Concrete Pool , 2.6 (5.7)
      BC0724: 12V/AC, 300W Halogen, Vinyl liner pool, 2.8 (6.2)
      BC0725: 12V/AC, 12W LED (252), white light, Concrete Pool ,2.6 (5.7)
    1. Pool Disinfection and Test KitIt uses the chlorine tablet with a diameter of 3".
      The dial control valve is provided, thus the feed rate can be easily controlled and adjusted.
      It comes with threaded cover design for easy opening and the replenishment of chlorine tablets.
      It is a product for do-it-yourselfers by virtue of easy installation.
    1. Swimming Pool Cover Rollers and ReelsThe pool solar roller can be easily installed.
      It is portable for easy operation and storage.
      The whole construction is very sturdy and durable.
      It has a long service life.
      It comes with the aluminum tube.
    1. Pool ValvesThe BD5216 pool valve is designed in ball shape and with 1.5" male and female thread.
      BD5219: 2-way, ABS material, 1.5" male thread × 1.5" barbed
      BD5220: ABS material, 2-way, 1.5" male thread × 1.5" female thread
      BD5221: ABS material, 2-way, 1.5" barbed × 1.5" barbed
    1. Pool Fountain and Floating Pool Chair The pool chair comes with HDPE arms and inbuilt beverage holders on each arm. It is stably and solidly framed by aluminum materials and provided with soft mesh seat.
      It works without electricity or batteries. The power is generated via the water flow once this product is connected to return fittings.
      It is provided with all necessary components and can be easily assembled in minutes.
  • Swimming Pool PartsWe provide a wide range of white goods to satisfy the requirements of different customers. They are all made of high-strength engineering plastic materials and with various specifications suitable for relevant newly developed products.