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About Us

We are offering high quality swimming pool equipments like swimming pool heat pumps, swimming pool sand filters, and swimming pool supplies such as pool cleaner, bushes, thermometer, ladders etc, and we also manufacture solar pool heating system including solar heated shower system with stainless steel shower head and head holder, or aluminum and PVC composite solar heating pool shower for outdoor and indoor being used.

Our company is named Bridging China International Ltd., the trade mark is Bridging, so people always call our company as "Bridging", it was established in 2005, it has experienced 15 years, during the time, it has a swimming pool heat pump, pool sand filter, and outdoor shower system for pool, solar heaters and swimming pool maintenance supplies to companies in Europe, United States, Japan etc, We have accumulated vast experience in project management, OEM manufacturing, customer service, and product knowledge relative to the pool industry. We have positioned ourselves as a professional pool company providing a complete line of pool related products. We focus on helping our customers to gain competitiveness in their markets.

Our head office is in Shanghai China, it is the central Eastern manufacturing region for swimming pool heating system and pool supplies. Our operational team in China consists of seasoned professionals with many years of experience in the pool industry. Our engineers and project managers are fluent in both Chinese and English, and have excellent communication skills. Collectively, between our China, US and French offices, we know and understand both eastern and western cultures and can provide unparalleled support and service to our clients.

Our Commitments for Customers:
1. Superior Pool Products
2. Exceptional Service
3. Competitive Pricing
4. Private Branding
5. On-Time Delivery

"BRIDGING" continues to develop effective swimming pool products and pool heat pumps to accommodate rising market demands. We pride ourselves not only on providing quality products to our customers, but also to provide tailored service to meet customer satisfaction.

We are Your Bridge To China about Pool Products and Swimming Pool Heat Pumps!

We have experienced growth and expansion since our incorporation in 2005. Prospective customers can enjoy high quality swimming poolproducts at economic prices. Our company is fully committed to bringing you smooth transactions and timely services.

Market Distribution

Patent Certificates
Following two pool products have been patented:
1. Solar pool shower BC0514