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Why Us

Why choose "BRIDGING" CHINA as your partner?
Company Strengths

Superior Swimming Pool Products
Years of industry experience have allowed us to establish a solid reputation. Renowned for high quality products and services, defect rate of our pool heat pump and swimming pool supplies is significantly lower than analogous products in China.

Our quality assurance engineers are responsible for the rigorous inspection of all pool products, such as air source heat pump, pool water pump and pool filter system. Their presence is mandatory at production sites and shipping platforms. The QA system includes incoming quality control, production process control, and random inspections prior to shipment.

Complete inspection reports are kept for all shipments. These documents are made available for the convenience of our customer.

Inspection Flowchart

Quality Inspection Conducted by Our Engineers

Product Development & Sourcing
Highly trained engineers are on standby to assist customers with development of swimming pool products. We pride ourselves in our sourcing capability. A network of more than 12 domestic factories is deemed competent to manufacture a wide variety of swimming pool supplies.

Considerate Services

Technical Support
Our customers can access dedicated tech support and consultation for newly developed products. Support is also available for certification, chemical compliance, as well as product installation & usage. Upon the arrival of a shipment, assistance can be provided for any issues or complications that may occur.

On-Time Delivery
Long-term cooperation with trusted suppliers has allowed us to establish solid business relations. We are able to complete production and deliver swimming pool supplies within a reasonable timeframe. An engineer/project manager team is dispatched for order follow ups to guarantee procedural functionality.

After-Sales Support
1. All inquires are fielded within 24 hours or the equivalent of one working day.
2. Our head office is supported by branch offices in both France and America. These facilities can provide great convenience for overseas customers.
3. Confidence in our swimming pool products is bolstered by matching claims and warranties.

1. Our graphic design department is capable of providing sophisticated design concepts for packaging, color boxes, private labels, marketing sell sheets, as well as any supporting advertising services.

CS Package Color Card Marketing Sell Sheet

Logistic Service
Dependable logistics service has been available for our French clientele since June 2013. It was designed to provide relief for customers who cannot afford to purchase a full container and customers who experienced product shortages during peak season.

This service is currently restricted to French customers. However, it will become available for all European customers starting in June 2014. Products provided through this service include swimming pool heat pumps, water pumps, and pool filtration systems.

Thank you for your interest in our swimming pool products and services. Please feel free to contact us for additional details, e.g., price quotation.

Environmental Protection

1. All raw materials are professionally inspected. The test data is in full compliance with the environment standards of our export destinations.
2. Rational use of labor and machines are utilized during production to maximize the production efficiency and conserve energy.
3. Our production facility is situated within an insulated industrial zone to prevent noise pollution.
4. Relevant management departments have our full cooperation for procedures such as on-site inspection, supervision, and monitoring. We strictly adhere to the required standards in every aspect.